A Very Special Weekend Kick-off!

This weekend my beautiful daughter turns 12!  I can hardly believe it!

So in her honor, I have put together a play list of some of her favorite songs (ones I don’t actually hate!) and one that I hope shows her just how much she means to me.

I love you the best, best, BEST kiddo!  ❤

Have a great weekend everyone!

Get the weekend started right!

Yay!!  It’s the weekend!

If you know me personally, you know I love music.  I love all kinds of music and I believe there’s a song for every emotion.

The other day I was listening to music as I was writing and the idea to have a weekend kick off post dedicated to music popped into my head. The songs I choose will be a mix of genres and artists, some will be new, some will be older, but I guarantee they will upbeat and FUN!

I hope you feel motivated and happy after listening!

So here it is!

*Caution:  The last video drops the “F” bomb but I think it suits the song very well.