Weekend Jam Session

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve post much on here and I’m craving some inspiration and fun music! This week’s selection makes me want to get up and DO something…..mostly DANCE!

Music is such a life force for me, I know I have written about that before, but I’m feeling like my writing, and life in general, is on the way UP!

Anyway, here’s what’s getting me out of my chair today.

I hope you enjoyed it and have fabulous weekend!!



4 thoughts on “Weekend Jam Session

  1. I am also a music lover!My soundtrack these days is full of love songs from the 80s and today as I have rekindled relationship with my high school sweetheart..so I am either listening to the songs we loved together then or ones that remind me of him now!!!


    • Ah, that’s so sweet! So many songs remind me of my Love too! We’re both music junkies so it’s fun to share that with each other. And seriously, the 80’s had some AH-mazing love songs!!


    • Oh yeah, I totally relate! We listen to our fair share of Barney and the Shrek Soundtrack (which, to be honest, isn’t THAT bad), but I’m lucky because both my kids also love the radio. We turn our kitchen into the dance floor! It’s so much fun to laugh and dance together. 🙂


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