How to get your ideas out of Pinterest and into the real world!

So there I was, in between pins of flour and butter free, deep dark chocolate cookies and a really cool coat rack using old door knobs and fencing, when I realized I was LOST.

Lost in Pinterestville!

And worse yet, I’ve doomed nearly 4,000 pins to the same fate!


Pinterest, in case you don’t know, is an online dream board with, literally, an infinite amount of images to save and sort how you see fit.  It really is an amazing tool if you regularly use and view what you pin.  It can be a colossal time waster as well, if you’re not careful.

I have 71 Pinterest boards and counting,  They range in categories from sinfully yummy treats (board name:  Dying a Slow and Tasty Death), to home ideas I could do now (board name: Casa Dolce Casa-Italian for Home Sweet Home-just trying to class up the place a bit), to things I’d like to do before I die ( board name is, of course: Bucket List), to the shallow end of the pool for eye candy (board name:  Caliente!  Again, trying to class it up and saying HOT in Spanish makes the ogling feel less, well ogle-y).

I’ve been known to spend hours re-naming my boards and organizing my pins!  Some of you may remember my last post on time management ( and how I tend to like avoiding things I have to do.  Pinterest is a right up there with the things I’d rather be doing than cleaning, cooking, or paying the bills.  So I have definitely gotten lost in what I affectionately like to call, Pinterestville.  Sometimes it’s a really great place to get carried away in because it can spark your imagination, light your dreams on fire, or simply just take the day’s stresses away.

In Pinterestville all things are possible.  There’s no drama.  There’s no snarkiness.  At least not at face value.  I could (and probably will!) write a whole other post on the competitiveness it ignites between people.  But, by and large, it is a place to dream and plan.

All my 3,913 pins are really awesome.  That’s why I pinned them!  However, unfortunately for most of them, they stay pinned right where they are, never to see the light of day again.  And what about all that time I took to pin these ideas?  Was it all wasted?  I’ll be honest, some of it was, indeed, wasted.

I know I am not alone though.  Many of us spend hours pinning and creating boards for things we will never make, do, or see.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  How do we drag these pins out of the Black Hole that is Pinterest and get them in your life?

DSCF4133One of the things I have done in the past is to have a couple of friends and their children over for a Pinterest craft party.  We did this around Christmas one year and the kids had a blast making ice cream cone Christmas trees.  I also try to do several crafts I’ve pinned for each holiday with my kids.  It is fun to do in a group setting but I like to spend the one-on-one time with my kids since we’re all usually so busy.

Another thing I have done is invite a couple of girlfriends over for lunch or coffee and have them bring something they’ve pinned and would like to try out.  It’s really cool to see the different kinds of tastes people have.  It’s even more fun if you prepare the items together!  These kinds of “Pinterest Parties” are growing in popularity.

In the past, I’ve scheduled a day a week into our meal planning for new foods.  This is something I haven’t done for quite a while and I think I am going to change that!  It’s good for all of us to try different things but I should probably stick to preparing food from my Eat to Live board and not the Dying a Slow and Tasty Death one.

I’ve pinned enough activities and crafts to do with the kids that none of us should ever complain about being bored!  So here’s to actually DOING them with the kids!  Not only will the time I spent on Pinterest be worthwhile, but stronger family bonds will be formed.  And I foresee a LOT of laughs!

One of the things I like about Pinterest is that people are able to “Follow” you and see what you have pinned and you are able to “Follow” others as well.  It’s really an innovative networking base.  I’ve recently discovered how powerful it is in making a name for my blog.  I create most of the graphics I use in my posts, so once I have a published article, I take the graphics I’ve used and pin them to my Inspired, Blog: Genuinely Speaking, or Put it in Quotations board, depending on how I wish to categorize them.  All of my posts have the ability to be pinned as well.  So every time I pin something of mine, my 168 followers will see it in their news feed and hopefully re-pin it for all their followers to see.  168 followers is not a lot, but I am working on growing that number.  You can follow me by clicking the link below:

While I’m sure there will be plenty more times that I use Pinterest to avoid household chores or to stay up late, I’m going to try hard to make sure I don’t get tied up there and even harder to make sure my precious pins are put to good use!  All things considered, there are worse places to get lost!

I’ll see you in Pinterestville!